How to Chineselization movabletype

There are several solutions about the the movabletype localization, the best resources are:

  1. Movable Type Ultimate Handbook – A big5 website with downloadable Chinese book, very good for newbie. This website also provide full package of Chinese icons, translations and manuals.
  2. An unknown author’s tip of localization.

By reading the informations, I did my localization as follow:

  1. Open mt.cfg under the cgi-bin folder, set NoHTMLEntities to 1, and set PublishCharset to GB2312. Make sure the GB2312 is uppercase.
  2. Open under MTextlib, find $self->charset(‘ISO-8859-1’); change the ISO-8859-1 to GB2312. Also, make sure it is uppercase.
  3. Save the file to libMTL10N, you can download the from the following links (do remember change the file name to
    UTF-8 encoded
    GB2312 encoded

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