70-293 Registered and Unregistered IP Address

It’s raining again, almost two entire days. The raining caused more difficult to drive especially for me since I have the astigmatism problem after I watch the monitor for almost 20 years. I still keep studying of computers even I already have 20 years experience. Today, it is a very relax day, there are only four to five persons in the office. I read the part of Registered and Unregistered IP Address, very easy concept but Microsoft used almost twenty pages to explain. My feeling is that suppose no such different, the CISCO won’t sell so many routers. Router is the key connection for registered (public) network and unregistered (private) network.

喫罰單 My first ticket

It’s raining today, raining hard. I got my first ticket as a 5-year old driver. This morning, I was going to install a new louder speakers system and already made an appointment with the automobile tuning factory which is owned by famous POLOME. Since my car almost ran out of fuel, Xiaomao told me that there is a gas station at the corner of Beijing Road and Datian Road. I drove there and found there isn’t #97 gasolane, so I asked worker there where I can get the right fuel. The person showed me the way, the way is that turn right first to Chendu Road, go ahead and make a U-turn once I find the gas station at the other side of the road. Clear enough.

I drove out the gas station, turned left to the middle lane and went forward. The policeman stopped me at the first cross road, and I got my first ticket in my life. The reason is that the middle lane is a U-turn lane instead of straight lane. What’s the matter, normally the second lane from right, the middle lane there, is always a straight lane if the road only has three to four lanes. I have to pay the fine around RMB200 ($24.20) for this mistake, my friends call this tuition.


  上午,我到北京路大田路的加油站加油,結果沒有 97 號油,於是問了加油站的員工,說是出去右轉,筆直往前開,在對馬路還有一個加油站,可以加到 97 號油。於是,我出了加油站,右轉彎到了成都路,在當中那條道直行,因為急着要看對面的加油站,就沒注意路上的圖示,結果在成都路鳳陽路被警察攔下,原來那條中間的道是調頭道。上海大多數的三車道、四車道,從右邊數過來第二、第三條,一般都是直行道,而這裏居然依次是右轉彎道、直行道、調頭道和左轉彎道。哎,衹能認罰了,怪就怪自己太托大,完全沒有理由可說,上海話也叫「喫癟」。


70-293 Starting

It isn’t a bad day toady; I received January 2005 issue National Geographic which should be published at January 9, 2005. I am too lazy to do anything after returning from Yunan province and I decided to do some learning today. The decision is the book MCSE Exam 70-293 Self-Paced Training Kit, Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure. The first chapter has nothing but some very basic concept like seven layers of the network, TCP/IP knowledge, different physical Ethernet physical connection cable and etc.

Quick reference:





Data transfers, the TCP and UDP protocol of TCP/IP belong to layer. Also, NCP of NetWare and NetBEUI belongs to.


The connection between computer on different network. The IP protocol of TCP/IP belongs to this layer.
Device: router


Indicates the selection of what type of network physical cable (copper or fiber-optic) or wireless, Ethernet or Token Ring. If the selection is physical Ethernet, which cable is capable for the requirement.
Device: switche
Protocol: Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)


Indicates the physical cable itself, which is copper cable (UTP) and fiber-optic.
Device: hub