This afternoon is a very important afternoon; it is our last class for the entire MBA. Actually, it is not a class; it is the final report for the Operations Management. This course started one year before, but we never had any in-class training of it. We have to read text book by ourselves and do the research together without help from the professor. Even worse, the professor Bill Guest is a famous tough person. He gave us an outline with 110 points, every point will be scored. We spent one year to do a real operations manage project in Shanghai Matsushita Plasma Company.
At the very beginning, I drafted the structure of the report paper and wrote the first chapter. Joan took the leadership after I went to United States. Joan also leaded the whole team finished all the requirements.
This afternoon, professor reviewed our paper and asked several questions. Eventually, we got the grade A-. Oh, I also bought a box of moon cakes for the professor.

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