New Wubi IME for emacs

This is just a modified Wubi IME for emacs, it’s under GPL. Originally, it’s from I modified wubi-rules.el file and added 51,473 words to it.

Also, I added a full-width, Quanjiao, space  by pressing “=”.

This IME can use M-x wubi-toggle-quanjiao-banjiao to toggle Quanjiao and Banjiao, also can use M-x wubi-add to add personal word phase.

The package can be download here, you can load Wubi by adding the following code into .emacs

(add-to-list 'load-path "<destination>/wubi")
(require 'wubi)
(wubi-load-local-phrases) ; add user's Wubi phrases
 "chinese-wubi" "Chinese-GB" 'quail-use-package
 "WuBi" "WuBi"
(setq default-input-method "chinese-wubi")

0 thoughts on “New Wubi IME for emacs

  1. 在 windows 下,还是不能用 c-space 来当选择开始。这好像不是 emacs 的问题。

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