Movable Type blog research and study – set the test server

Environment: newly installed Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4. The computer is Dell OptiPlex G1 with 7.9 G harddisk, 392 Mb RAM and running under Pentium II 500. The first partition is 4G for the Windows 2000 system and the rest is set as drive I: for this test project. Two folders are created for the purpose, and i:bloglogs.
1. httpd for Win32
The web server which I select is Apache httpd server from its official website. The version is 2.0.48 (February 6, 2004). httpd has been installed into i:bloghttpd with default function, the following lines has been added to httpd.conf which create a VirtualHost.
DocumentRoot i:/blog/
ErrorLog i:/blog/logs/
TransferLog i:/blog/logs/
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ i:/blog/
<Directory i:/blog/>
AllowOverride None
Options ExecCGI
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
2. Perl for Win32
The Perl which I select for this project is ActiveState Perl. I use this Perl parser from 1998 to 2002, and really think it is the best Perl parser under Windows environment. By the date February 6, the version I got from is 5.8.2 build 808. Perl has been installed into i:blogperl with default function.
Defaultly without DB_File module or DBD::mysql, use PPM to install it, commands as follow:
install DB_File
install DBD-mysql
3. ftpd for Win32
I select RaidenFTPD as the ftpd server. The version is 2.4 build 1159 (February 9, 2004) from ftpd had been installed into i:blogftpd.
1. extract MT-2.661-full-lib.tar.gz.
2. create a folder called mt-static under web root as well as cgi-bin, same leavl.
3. create a folder called db under cgi-bin
4. copy the folders docs, images and file styles.css into mt-static.
5. copy the folders extlib, lib, schemas, search_templates, tmpl and files *.cgi, mt.cfg into cgi-bin.
6. open i:blogblogtest.yuleshow.comcgi-binmt.cgi, change the first line to
#!i:/blog/perl/bin/perl.exe -w
so for the other cgi files except mt-db-pass.cgi.
7. modify the mt.cfg file, set
StaticWebPath /mt-static/
8. check from client to see if the system reach the requirement of MT.
9. load, then delete i:blogblogtest.yuleshow.comcgi-binmt-load.cgi.
10. use with the user name Melody and password Nelson to config the MT.
11. Click the name Melody at the top right corner, change to Yule Show and set the other information.
12. Go to weblog config to set the corresponding information.

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