Apache httpd upgraded and re-configured

The website is running under httpd 1.3.29 for a long time, and these days it became slower and slower, I decided to upgrade it to httpd 2.0.48.
I downloaded it, configured it and did make, make install. Everything looked ok but I can’t find any information in the PID. Actually it automatically quit the process immediately.
I checked the error log, it said as follow:
[Fri Feb 20 20:41:17 2004] [alert] (22)Invalid argument: setgid: unable to set
group id to Group 4294967295
[Fri Feb 20 20:41:18 2004] [alert] Child 15144 returned a Fatal error…
Apache is exiting!
Fatal error, the biggest problem under linux is always the most difficult problem. I read manual and found that “Group #-1” wasn’t accepted by the server, I changed it into “Group root”, done.
Another problem I got was that the IE browser can’t automatically arecognize the charset of the pages. I changed all my Chinese pages information from tp . The only difference is that the letter case. Even THML document is case insensitive, but I read some articles say that has to be upper case.
One more step, I added following lines into httpd.conf:
AddDefaultCharset off
AddCharset GB2312 .GB2312 .GB2312
Wow, the problem solved.

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