How to extend VirtualBox virtual disk size?

    1. Shut down the virtual machine
    2. Right-click the virtual machine item, select “Show in File Manager”, the file manager window pops up
    3. Right-click the virtual machine item from the list, select “Settings…”
    4. Then click “Storage” at the left panel, right-click the vdi file at right, then select “Remove Attachment”
    5. Click “Ok”
    6. Switch the folder contains the vdi file, right-click a blank area, select “Open in Terminal”
    7. VBoxManage modifymedium name.vdi --resize 99999
      99999 is the new size in MB, 64000 is 64GB
    8. Repeat step 3, then “Storage”, click the Disk icon at the lower right corner of the disks list says “Adds New Storage Attachment”
    9. Click “Ok”
    10. Start the virtual machine

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