The Huntington Library

The Huntington

June 25, 2003 in Los Angeles, CA

We went to The Huntington Library at 1:15 pm. Helen’s
friend was already waiting for us. She came for me get discount
from the bookstore there since she has the membership card. I read
the introduction of the library. It was donated by Henry E. Huntington
and his wife Arabella D. Huntington in 1913. This library has 4,000,000
collections now and has a very fantastic garden.

We walked around in the garden. The garden is divided into several
themes include desert, Japanese, Australian, Zen and palm garden.
There are some plants I never saw anywhere else before.

I also visited gallery there, it collects some very good paints. The most famous
paintings are Jonathan Buttall: The Blue Boy and Sarah Barrett
Moulton: Pinkie

We went to Fry’s at 5:00 pm, I bought one more 128M Intelligent
Stick. Even it doesn’t need card reader, but I still got
one inside package.

We had a dinner with Sam’s uncle together at a Chinese
restaurant called New Island. We ordered 3 pounds shrimp, 3 pounds
crab, 3 pounds lobster, Seafood Tofu, Holothurians Chicken Soup,
Peking Rib and Mixed Vegetables.

Jonathan Buttall: The Blue Boy by
Thomas Gainsborough (1727-88).

Sarah Barrett Moulton: Pinkie by
Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830).

Clavering Childrenby
George Romney (1734-1802).

Zen Garden.

Japanese Garden.

Japanese Garden.

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