Perl and Unicode

Perl and Unicode

I continued reviewing Perl this morning; more and more things came back. I read the Chapter 15 Unicode of O’Reeilly Programming Perl and found some useful links. The main concept of Perl Unicode is that from version 5.6, Perl thinks in character instead of byte. The biggest effected function is regular expression, the most powerful tool of Perl. Also, I read articles from ISO 10646, which is a big5+Hongkong charset. I tried a software convert between different charset, the software called ConvFairy (difficult to find it, you’d better try search by yourself since the links are always broken). The articles from Unicode Consortium are also very good and recommended to have a look.

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  1. you said, “The biggest effected function is regular express, the most powerful tool of Perl. ”
    some spelling mistakes, it should be “regular expressions”… :) I am a Perl lover too… though in some meanings I’ve changed to use PHP more and more…

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