I started learning Tcl/Tk for a cooking calculator

Tcl/Tk for a cooking calculator

Last night, almost in the dream, I decided to learn Tcl/Tk. I bought a set of training course two years, or three years, before from amazon.com. The training course called The Complete Tcl/Tk Training Course (2nd edtion).
Now it is already the forth edition. The set had already been translated into Chinese version, you can find it here.
Today, I finished first half part of the Tcl, including the code grouping, substitution, math expression and other key terms.
This time, I learn it under Windows environment. The version I selected is ActiveState Tcl from http://www.activestate.com, I used their Perl from the first version.
The biggest reason why I did decide to learn it is that I want to design a cooking calculator for Sam, let’s wait and see how do I create it step by step.

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