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As the popping of blog, the RSS reader also becomes more and more poplar. RSS reader is some kind of a news collector which retrieves the XML formatted news/blog announcement as well as the summary of the article.
Suppose you have several favorite blogs and want to keep watching their updating, RSS is the solution for you. You can easily use the URL of the RSS/RDF/XML provided by the owner of the blog, normally the RSS/RDF/XML will be generated by the system itself. What you need to do is just use RSS reader and create a new channel, copy the URL into the channel’s properties. The RSS reader will do the rest for you.
From my experience, Newz Crawler is the best standalone RSS reader which support Chinese well. If you want to use Internet browser oriented/embedded reader, Pluck! Is the best for Internet Explorer and urss is the best for Netscape. I use these three together for different purpose.
The channel information of the is blog is:

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