Bronze Medal Award

Bronze Medal Award

June 4, 2003 in Washington D.C.

I got the
Bronze Metal Award form the Under Secretary of Department of Commerce.
The Bronze Medal is the International Trade Administration highest
award (Department
of Commerce website

Mr. Shao is recognized for serving CS
Shanghai as its system administrator during a four-year period
of enormous challenge when the Commercial Service was deploying
increasingly sophisticated systems throughout the field, China’s
telecommunications and Internet infrastructure still lagged
well behind the rest of the world, and our Shanghai office’s
system requirements were growing ever more complex and critical.
During this period Yule’s contributions expanded beyond
Shanghai to bene fit the entire China program, through his website
work, his system engineering by phone and e-mail, his development
of applications, and his travel to the other posts to do upgrades
and train people. Early on, his expertise also came to the attention
of Washington, so that he was soon enlisted to create a bilingual
CMS platform for the Asia field, and to help solve system-wide
problems for ITA.
— citation from 2003
Awards, Department of Commerce

Framed Award

Logo seal and
the Bronze Medal

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