How to type Wubi on iOS device without jailbreak

1. On device, open Settings->General->Keyboard. At the very bottom, click Add New Shortcut… to create a new shortcut for generating a custom user dictionary.
2. Connect the device, to iTunes, right click the device at iTunes’left panel, and select Back Up.
3. Use iBackupBot ( to open the backup
4. Check Library_Keyboard_UserDictionary.sqlite and export (CTRL+E) it, two files total.
5. Use SQLite Expert Personal ( to open the exported file, the key point is modify the ZTIUSERWORD table for adding more Wubi key maps. Or download the pre-modified file from here.
6. Back to iBackupBot and import (CTRL+I) the modified files.
7. Use iBackupBot or iTunes to restore.
8. On the device, open Setting->General->Keyboard, the layout won’t pop up and just wait several seconds, press Home button. Done.

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