Something with new Internet life

I purchased my 4th Mac computer, from the first iBook G4 to iMac, Macbook and now the Macbook Pro. The life is getting easier and easier with synchronizing, with and Google and Ovi I can replicate all my contacts, calendar and todo list between office computers and home computers, even with my iPhone and new bought Nokia E72 cellphone.
For files, I use DropBox; for notes and ideas, I use Evernote. With Google, I can send email by the name of my official working account, which can’t be done in several years ago since our office doesn’t support SMTP and POP3.
Unfortunately, Google was quit China and Facebook/Twitter and etc. are blocked here. It makes my life little difficult, I have to use VPN to watch Youtube video and other things. Good part is that the VPN I am using can run on multi operating systems, and my E72 can use very powerful Gravity. I always suggest my friend have a Nokia smart phone as the second phone only for Twitter. Ok, this is a blog just for testing Mac Journal 5. Please follow me on Twitter @yuleshow

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